Business Geographer
Demographic Reports, Market Research, Maps, Visualizations and Data

Welcome to Business Geographer

My name is Jeff Tucker, a Professional Geographer with over 15 years experience in integrating geographic analysis, reasoning, and technology in support of improved business decisions. Utilizing cutting edge geospatial tools, demographic and business data, detailed maps and advanced spatial analytics, I help clients understand the impact of location and make smarter decisions about their business, customers and marketplace in order to succeed in competitive environments.


Location Based Market Research Reports

Offering a broad range of location based market and demographic research reports. The reports are customized to your business and location by analyzing the market or service area using distance rings, drive times, custom polygons or standard geographic boundaries. Available reports include:

  • Demographic
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Market Potential
  • Retail Opportunity Gap
  • Business Data


GIS Market Analysis

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), I can demographically analyze multiple aspects of a market to asses the potential to start a new business in a particular area or help you react and adapt to changes in an existing marketplace. Services include:

  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Site Selection Evaluation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Targeted Marketing

Business Mapping Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps are a powerful business intelligence tool. Maps can be used to analyze demographics, traffic patterns, customer boundaries, competitor locations and more. Whether you require an interactive web map or traditional static map I can help you visualize data.


Web GIS Enablement

In addition to providing location based market research I can also help you manage and share your spatial data online using ESRI's ArcGIS Online Platform. Services range from platform migration to the cloud to the development of interactive web map applications.